Alvi asks foreign doctors to launch telehealth services



President Dr. Arif Alvi said economic and financial soundness is key to making independent decisions, adding that the country can achieve accelerated economic growth by imparting skills to youth and women through short and in-depth trainings in various fields. , in particular information and communication technologies (ICT).

Addressing the 45th Annual Convention of the Pakistani-American Physicians Association of North America (APPNA) virtually in the United States from Aiwan-e-Sadr, the President said the significant role and active Pakistani Diaspora is imperative for uplifting Pakistan. industries and impart skills to youth and women to help Pakistan achieve self-sufficiency.

He regretted that Pakistan had not had the capacity in the past to absorb its highly skilled, productive and valuable human resources, which resulted in its migration to the developed countries of the world where, by dint of merit, they are have become highly successful in many high value-added sectors and have contributed to the development and prosperity of their host country.

Alvi valued Pakistani doctors in the United States for having earned an excellent reputation there and for their valuable contributions to the development of Pakistan. He urged them to establish telehealth services in Pakistan to provide counseling and guidance to patients, especially the poor and underserved segments of the population.

Talking about the main features of Pakistan’s foreign policy, Alvi said that Pakistan has shifted the focus from geostrategy to geoeconomics and is promoting regional trade and connectivity by making optimal use of its unique geographical location, especially in the context of the Central Asian (Central African) republics which were keen to link up with the rest of the world to promote regional trade and economic cooperation.

He also stressed that Pakistan does not believe in polarization and camp politics and tries to maintain cordial relations with all its international partners.
APPNA President Dr. Haroon Durrani and members of the Pakistani Diaspora in the United States attended the virtual convention.


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