Banking, transport and other services likely to be affected. Know the details


(File Photo) Bikaner: A branch of the State Bank of India (SBI) wears a blank stare during a nationwide strike called by the United Forum of Banking Unions (UFBU) against the privatization of public sector banks, in Bikaner.

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  • National strike called on March 28, 29 by the joint platform of trade union centers to protest against the “anti-people” policies of the central government
  • A statement released by the platform says road, transport and electricity workers have joined the group
  • railroads and defense unions are likely to mobilize massively in support of the nationwide strike

New Delhi: The Platform of Trade Union Centers and Sectoral Federations and Associations, a joint platform of various trade unions, has called for Band of Bharat Where nationwide shutdown of business as usual on March 28-29, protesting central government’s “anti-people”, “anti-farmers” policies.

The platform is made up of trade unions such as INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, TUCC, SEWA, AICCTU, LPF and UTUC which relate to coal, steel, oil, telecommunications, post, tax on income, copper, banking and insurance. sector workers.

The main agenda of the strike called by the unions is to protest recent announcements by the central government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party to cut the interest rate of the Employees Finance Fund (EPF) from 8.5 % to 8.1%, raise fuel prices and provide for the sale of state-run companies. businesses, held back by inflation and stock market volatility.

Bharat bandh today, tomorrow: which services are likely to be affected

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A statement released by the platform said road, transport and power workers joined the group today and tomorrow. Financial sector workers such as banking and insurance will also join the two-day bandh.

Strike notices have also been given by union workers in coal, steel, oil, telecommunications, post, income tax, copper, banking, insurance, among others. industrial sectors, the statement added.

Even the railroads and defense sector unions are likely to mobilize massively in support of the nationwide strike if the common platform is to be believed.

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The Department of Energy on Sunday issued a notice to all state government and power authorities to prepare to ensure the maintenance and reliability of the power grid during the National Convention strike. workers from March 28 to 30. According to an official statement, the ministry has issued a notice that all power utilities must take necessary measures to ensure the normal operation of the power grid and the availability of all power stations, transmission lines and substations around the clock. -stations.

The ministry also said additional manpower could be deployed to all critical substations, the 24/7 power station to handle any emergency conditions. Integrity of data and voice communications between identified substations/power plants and their corresponding SLDCs/RLDCs can be assured. The power supply for essential services such as hospitals, defence, railways, etc. must be ensured.

The West Bengal government has said all offices will remain open on March 28 and 29 – the dates when the nationwide strike was called by the unions.

“In view of the calls made by various unions and others for a 48-hour national strike/strip on March 28-29, 2022, it has been decided that all state government offices, including those receiving grants from the ‘State government will remain open and all employees must report to work on these days,’ said a West Bengal government memorandum released on Saturday.

“It has been decided that no casual leave or other leave for absence either in the first half, or in the second half, or for the whole day, will not be granted to any employee on the dates mentioned above. It is further notified that the Absence of employees at this time will be treated as ‘die-non’ and no salary will be eligible,” he added.


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