Cambodian people-centered services highlighted at the United Nations Office at Geneva


Cambodia has disbursed more than $600 million for eight rounds of “Cash Scheme” which have benefited nearly 700,000 poor households, or about 2.8 million people, said the Permanent Mission of Cambodia to the Office United Nations in Geneva during the 49th regular session of the Human Rights Council.

In stating this during the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mission also told participants,

“Our nationwide free vaccination campaign has reached over 90 percent of the total population, well ahead of the target set by the World Health Organization,” the Mission said in a statement released on Monday.

He also said the Kingdom has also donated millions of face masks along with vaccines and other medical equipment to several countries as part of its solidarity and collective efforts to contain the surge in infections.

The Cambodian delegation was led by its Permanent Representative and Ambassador An Sokkhoeurn at the session which concluded its five-week interactions on April 1 by delivering 33 statements, showcasing Cambodia’s practical achievements and progress in all categories of human rights. man after hosting 41 interactive dialogues. with thematic and country-specific special rapporteurs, nine general debates and eight round tables, as well as the adoption of 35 resolutions on thematic and country-specific issues.

The delegation also contributed to the discussions on improving the working methods of the Council and of the special rapporteurs, and to the examination of the human rights situation in a number of countries.

As a state party to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the mission said Cambodia has taken a big step forward in enabling people with disabilities (PwDs) to access social welfare services, in line with the Plan time-bound national disability strategy. (2019-2023).

He noted that last year, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) also hailed Cambodia as one of the leading countries in empowering people with disabilities.

Regarding the right to food, he said that Cambodia remains committed to promoting a sustainable food system and ensuring food security and nutrition for all, manifested through the four main priority areas to achieve the National Vision. food systems by 2030.

He added that the Agriculture Sector Master Plan 2030 was launched to enable farmers to achieve an inclusive and sustainable agricultural system, especially for seed development.

Regarding the commitment to eliminate violence against children in the world by 2030, the Mission stated that since 2006, Cambodia has put in place several mechanisms and policy instruments to protect children from violence, namely the National Social Protection Framework 2016-2025, Juvenile Justice Act, Intercountry Adoption Act and Child Protection Bill, National Child Protection System Policy 2019-2029 .

The mission also highlighted many other achievements and legacies, including the ratification of numerous culture-related conventions; maintain national unity and harmony between all ethnic groups; cherish gender equality and empowerment of women; Among others.

In terms of peace and security, Cambodia is ranked 13th among 122 nations and 2nd in ASEAN in terms of the deployment of female peacekeepers in United Nations peacekeeping missions, noting that the country will host the 2nd ASEAN Women Leaders Summit later this year under the theme “Building More Sustainable, Inclusive and Resilient: Unleashing Women’s Entrepreneurship in ASEAN”.

Cambodia also supports all efforts to improve the work of special rapporteurs, including calling for the establishment of a monitoring mechanism to ensure their effective implementation of the Code of Conduct, he added.


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