‘Conklin Con’ Returns for 3rd Year, Expands to Indoor Venue


BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Conklin Con returns for its third year by expanding to an indoor venue.

ConklinCon is a two-day convention that features tabletop games run by Dungeon Masters and a Play and Win section of games that attendees can play for a chance to win at the end of the convention. Conklin Con volunteer Natalie Shoemaker said the convention is getting bigger this year.

“We’re getting bigger because we’ve gotten a little bigger, we’re indoors so there’s no weather issues,” Shoemaker said. “We’ll have a table, a cosplay parade, prizes, and a craft room where you can learn how to weave chainmail.”

Shoemaker said this year’s expansion to an indoor venue will feature special programs and activities.

“There’s a bit of everything and we wanted to make sure that when we were planning this event, we wanted to give people a reason to come together, a reason to interact with each other and a reason to meet people and d ‘have these natural interactions,’ Shoemaker mentioned.

Shoemaker said there was a set schedule for the convention.

“We have a general timeline of when the main lobby will open, and then we also have a craft room tucked away in the corner for introverts and for people who might want to get away from the crowds a bit,” said said Shoemaker. “We also have a quiet reading room which will be occupied by the South Level School Librarians and we will have wonderful books available for people to relax and unwind in.”

Shoemaker said attendees can expect a lot of “geekiness.”

“You can expect a lot of table games, a lot of friendly faces, a lot of like-minded people,” Shoemaker said. “I remember the first time I went to a local convention and I was like, ‘These are my people, I can be weird and I can be myself and I can talk about the things I love and have that explosive enthusiasm and energy and no one will look at me sideways.

Participants are encouraged to dress up.

The third annual Conklin Con will be held May 14-15 at the Ice House Sports Complex at 614 River Rd. in the Chenango Bridge.

The convention will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.

Tickets are $10 for a day pass and $16 for a weekend pass. Children 6 and under are admitted free to the event.

Tickets are available in line.


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