GHMC and SCB clash over jurisdiction of meeting venue


The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the Secunderabad Cantonment Board have been locked in a dispute over jurisdiction over the conduct of the BJP public meeting at Parade Grounds.

As the venue of the meeting was within the confines of the board of directors, the GHMC refused to take charge of the cleanliness, sanitation and its maintenance despite the representations of the BJP leaders. Despite the presence of the Prime Minister, chief ministers of several BJP-led states and Union ministers at the meeting, the GHMC machinery stayed away from the arrangements on the grounds that all civic works at Parade Grounds, as soon as the remediation, were the responsibility of the table.

BJP leaders, however, argued that the GHMC was part of the arrangements when such meetings were held in the past. The same should be assured now. They said the GHMC had undertaken to remediate the roads leading to the site, cutting overgrown tree branches, sealing sewer leaks, painting bulkheads and sprucing up the floor. However, the council had done all that now.

Sources pointed to a specific request made to the GHMC by both the BJP and the board, to help if the ground gets muddy due to rain. The BJP even offered to bear the cost of the works, but to no avail. Even the GHMC Animal Catching Unit near Begumpet Airport, where the Prime Minister’s arrival and departure was organised, was not deployed to catch stray dogs.

The council also undertook for the first time the grading of the Bison Polo Ground where parking for vehicles coming onto the Rajiv Highway has been laid out. The stagnation of water due to rain was slowed down by the pouring of a concrete mix.


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