Hotel Hastings C3 reopens entire hotel and convention center


HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) – A spokesperson says the Hastings C3 Hotel and Convention Center has fully reopened after the owners carried out work to address fire code violations.

The hotel was completely closed on May 7 and then partially reopened on May 18. Hastings Fire Marshal Anthony Murphy authorized the reopening of the entire facility on Thursday.

Murphy told Loca4 the hotel still had a number of breaches to address, but said: “Because of the progress they’ve made, we feel more comfortable with building security and we’re giving them allowed to reopen.”

Murphy said some items had accumulated over several years and he was giving C3 six months to fix the remaining issues to “minimize the impact on local businesses”.

Hastings Fire and Rescue was first called to C3 on May 3, responding to a fire alarm. Fire crews responded to two more fire alarm calls on May 7. That’s when Murphy said he noticed several “alarming” security issues.

After conducting a thorough investigation, Murphy and other city inspectors compiled a long list of code violations, resulting in a 31-page report.

Murphy said on Friday that several pages of violations were outstanding, but as of Thursday he was satisfied that enough security measures had been taken to allow guests to move throughout the hotel, including the second. stage.

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