How This Veterinary Conference Responded To Its Unique Venue Needs: Associations Now


Simultaneous tracks required flexibility and ingenuity to solve this meeting puzzle.

Like many events, Fetch dvm360 has very specific venue requirements. The Veterinary Conference, which provides continuing education for veterinarians, technicians and chiefs of staff, annually organizes several regional programs across the country: one which is located in the center, one in the west, one in the east, as well as smaller regional events.

It is not uncommon for the Eastern regional event to travel to various destinations. But when circumstances related to civil unrest prompted organizers to search for a new location to accommodate their group of 3,000 at the last minute, organizers faced a challenge.

They needed a venue that could adapt not only to its size and scale – and within a tight deadline – but also to its specific meeting space needs. “Not only did we need a location that could be suitable for us, but we have a lot of leads with our programs,” says Tom Brown, director of exhibition services for MJH Life Sciences, which produces the event.

“We use a lot of meeting rooms at the same time, so we needed a venue that could meet all of our meeting needs and then all of our exhibition needs as well, and that’s really reducing it. “

After hours of research and many site visits, the group ended up selecting Virginia Beach, which offered not only dates and venue specifications, but the flexibility and ingenuity to make it all happen.

“To meet our needs for additional space, the staff went above and beyond, even going so far as to clean up other storage space so that we could use it for our event,” says Brown. “They even let us use their own conference room as a reception space. We always felt that the people from CVB and the convention center were part of our team, that they were there to help find solutions to the challenges we had.

Another logistical challenge that Fetch faced was the need for a shuttle service to accommodate extended hotel rooms. “The Convention and Visitors Bureau has done a fantastic job setting up all the shuttles so everyone can get in and out of their hotels and to the convention center seamlessly. The matrix of shuttles from all the different places and the frequent number of stops were important to us. It really was a business, but they managed to do it – and very well.

In the end, the window-filled convention center and surrounding area appealed to both attendees and exhibitors, on time and off, besides meeting the event’s requirements for reception area.

“The attractive venue amplified the look of our own signage, and it’s just beautiful when you walk in and see it complement all of our graphics,” Brown said. “The exhibitors loved it. It’s very user-friendly, the space is very functional, it has many free parking lots, many docks and easy access.

For his part, Brown spent his limited free time on the Virginia Beach boardwalk or sampling local seafood. And while the complex needs of event planners have played out behind the scenes, he acknowledged, “obviously the beach can be the biggest draw for our attendees and we use it as our biggest draw point. marketing. “

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