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LuLu Hypermarket has unveiled a number of special Ramadan offers and discounts that aim to bring ease and convenience to shoppers.

The retail giant has introduced pre-packaged Ramadan kits with all the essentials; these easy-to-pick-up kits come in two sizes, priced at SR99 ($26) and SR199, respectively.

Throughout the Holy Month, LuLu will launch Traditional Food Stations, themed Meat Festival, Dates & Nuts, Ramadan Nights and Sweet Treats – Dessert Festival. In addition, a new concept, Souk Al-Fawakeh, will offer customers bulk fresh fruits and vegetables at competitive prices. These packages offer 30 exotic fruits for the whole month.

Shehim Mohammed, Manager of LuLu Hypermarket, Saudi Arabia, said: “We have launched offers on Ramadan products and kits to make grocery shopping easier and more convenient. Our in-store promotional sections are more complete and wider with many essential products offered at attractive discounts. The same offers are also available in our online shopping with offers and promotions to guarantee safe shopping for those who do not wish to buy in stores.

Collaboration with the Saudi Food Bank

In partnership with the Saudi Food Bank, LuLu offers its customers several opportunities to do good and earn rewards during the holy month. LuLu will launch iftar boxes containing convenient packs of post-fast essential meals that customers can purchase for SR15 or SR99 each. There is also an option to donate this amount, which will be used by the Saudi Food Bank to distribute iftar boxes to the needy. Moreover, in keeping with the spirit of giving the holy month, LuLu has launched Ramadan-themed cards that will provide a unique shopping experience for customers. These cards can be used for iftar or sahoor. The cards are priced at 15 SR, which can be used for one day, and 150 SR, which can be used for 60 days.

Collaboration with Saudi Post

For those who want to give gifts to family and friends, LuLu has unveiled Ramadan themed boxes. Customers can select their goodies and organize their boxes. Boxes can be sent anywhere in the world via Saudi Post; LuLu has arranged a 10% courier fee discount for this service. For the convenience of shoppers, there will be a Saudi Post booth at LuLu stores in Riyadh, Jeddah and Alkhobar, through which they can send the gift boxes.

Respond to new lifestyles

LuLu is also introducing special vegan keto and iftar dishes for customers with specific dietary needs. As for health-conscious shoppers, LuLu has them covered too.

Ramadan souk

The Ramadan Souk will showcase the best deals in the home, kitchen and decor departments. In addition, the Ramadan Home festival will offer attractive offers on home appliances and kitchen appliances.

Convenient electronic receipts

Electronic receipts make it easier for customers to track their bills by serving as digital proof of their warranties. By making receipts digital, LuLu aims to provide customers with a better shopping experience. The aim is also to follow a sustainable model where the environment is not negatively affected.

Exclusive online discount

Customers can enjoy a 30% discount on their total bills when shopping exclusively online. This is applicable every Friday and Saturday in April. A maximum of SR75 can be used for all orders above SR100.

Cafe calling

LuLu will also participate in the “Year of Saudi Coffee” initiative launched earlier this year by the Ministry of Culture, promoting aromatic Saudi coffee (powder and prepared beans) during Ramadan.


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