Port Reception Facility Operators in Ports of Ghana Participate in Capacity Development Program


Economic news for Wednesday July 27, 2022

Source: Eye on the harbor

A view of the various representatives of the port reception facilities at the training program

Since 2004, the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority has complied with and committed to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) by establishing the provision of port reception facilities and services by the through concession agreements with private sector operators.

This arrangement ensures that vessels calling at Ghana’s ports are able to legally dispose of their waste ashore rather than illegally dumping it into the marine environment.

GPHA, in collaboration with the Ports Environmental Network-Africa (PENAf) organized a 3-day workshop for the various operators of port reception facilities to upgrade their skills and ability to operate efficiently and sustainably.

PENAf executive coordinator Dr Harry Barnes-Dabban said the training is needed for operators to catch up with contemporary developments globally.

He said: “In a year, what I foresee should happen is that they are able to have good collaboration, they are able to have good data on the waste that they collect and treat and their operational processes and also what they reject.And then we should start to see good technology investments in what they do.

He said these activities will also fit into the sustainable initiatives of the Ghana Ports and Ports Authority.

“This helps GPHA promote the blue economy of Ghana and Africa in general. By facilitating sufficient provision of port reception facilities at the port, pollution from ships is discouraged, thereby protecting marine life and fish. which constitute an important part of our economy.


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