Scale-up facilities and industry-leading expertise drive advances in commercial fermentation


BOC Sciences provides high quality antibiotics, bioactive by-products, enzyme inhibitors, mycotoxins and other fermented products along with comprehensive CDMO services.

New York, United States – May 4, 2022 – 4 R&D and scale-up labs, 2 preparative purification labs, 7 pilot-scale production lines, more than 100 reactors from 20L to 2,000L for reactions… Equipped with all state-of-the-art infrastructure, BOC Science is now at the forefront of the fermentation industry and widely supports large scale fermentation.

Besides the powerful facilities, BOC Sciences’ achievements in commercial fermentation are also largely dependent on its years of experience and constantly evolving expertise. What can BOC Sciences accomplish? One of its consultants sighed, “You will be amazed by BOC Sciences’ wide variety of fermentation methods which include continuous and batch fermentation, solid state fermentation and submerged fermentation. These technologies will surely satisfy all needs for fermentation products and CDMO services.

Anaerobic fermentation is widely applied in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, nutraceutical, industrial biotechnology, etc. Through anaerobic fermentation, BOC Sciences can produce a wide range of biologically active compounds, most of which are pharmaceutical industry favorites such as proteins, modified peptides, carbohydrates, oligonucleotides, antibiotics and mycotoxins.

Continuous fermentation is a superior technique in research, especially in the industrial production of a single-cell protein. To maximize the concentration of fermented products and achieve the desired productivity with strains having high growth rates, BOC Sciences makes every effort to improve equipment and process flow design as well as to combine cell immobilization techniques . With all the advances made, BOC Sciences is today an outstanding contributor to the continuous optimization of fermentation processes and widely promotes the efficient production of chemicals and bioproducts.

As a semi-continuous process, batch fermentation is the preferred mode of operation in the industry because the controlled addition of substrate allows for higher yields and productivity of the fermentation process. Based on its knowledge of the current process variables and the nature of the target products, BOC Sciences generally suggests the most appropriate feed profile for each particular order to achieve maximization of a key performance objective.

Intending to expand its metabolite categories and fermentation services, BOC Sciences also uses solid state fermentation (SSF) as an alternative to submerged fermentation (SmF). The substrates used are agro-industrial residues and other similar substances, which will certainly reduce the cost.

BOC Sciences is proud of CDMO fermentation services and large quantities of microbial biologics. Earlier this year, he announced his intention to showcase his expertise at CPhI North America 2022 and the BIO international convention which are currently approaching. One of its representatives warmly invites researchers and other decision-makers to learn more by having a face-to-face conversation at their booths #1319 (CPhI North America 2022) and #1441 (BIO International Convention).

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BOC Sciences offers breakthrough fermentation skills to improve control of the fermentation process, dramatically increasing manufacturing efficiency and enabling greater business profitability.

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