Subordinate Services Federation slashes center for ‘anti-people’ policies: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Jalandhar, July 25

A meeting to review the preparations for the 11th Punjab Subordinate Services Federation (PSSF) State Delegation Meeting was held in Jalandhar on Monday. PSSF State Chairman Satish Rana said the Center was destroying the country’s economy by implementing neoliberal policies.

Addressing the meeting, All-India State Government Employees Federation Chairman Subhash Lamba said that by privatizing government sectors, keeping contract staff instead of regular staff and eliminating old pension schemes , the Center had caused enormous damage to the national economy.

He said the privatization of the railway and electricity sectors had wreaked havoc on the lives of many working class people. “The Center and state government employees who had raised these demands had been the recipients for a long time,” he said.

He called for strengthening the efforts of the PSSF and preparations for the assembly of delegates of the federation. It was also demanded that the fight against the policies of the Center be emboldened.

PSSF State Secretary General Tirath Singh Bassi discussed bloc/tehsil/district level elections scheduled for August 16-September 16; the Common Front State Convention to be held in Jalandhar on August 7; and other issues on the union’s agenda.


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