tamukkam: the Chittirai exhibition space goes from Tamukkam ground to disrupted tradition | Madurai News

Madurai: The city of Madurai is gearing up for the highly anticipated Chittirai Festival which will be held in normal mode after nearly two years, but something that would be greatly missed is the ‘Chittirai Exhibition’, which is held at the Tamukkam grounds which plays an important role in the Festival.
The festival is celebrated in two parts, first for about ten days in connection with the Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple, for which the flag would be hoisted on April 5. This would be followed by a week of festivities at the Alagarkoil Temple.
Every year, Lord Kallazhagar enters the Vaigai River on the full moon day, “Chittra Pournami” in the month of Chittirai, when the city sees a floating population of at least ten lakh.
The Chittirai exhibition is held in the Tamukkam grounds all night of the day and people are allowed to visit and spend the night there before participating in the rituals the next day. However, this year, since the 45.6 crore convention center is being built on the grounds, the exhibition is expected to be moved to a venue near Maatuthavani bus station, which will not be on the road of the celebrations. of the Chittirai festival.
Resident C Chandrakumar says his family members have had a tradition for nearly three decades of staying overnight at the site of the exhibition and then following the Kallazhagar as the deity crosses it to enter the river. “We haven’t done it for two years because of Covid and this year we should be sitting on the sidewalks instead,” he said. Keeping the exhibition open near Maatuthavani would not help much, he said. Former minister Sellur Raju said the Chittirai exhibition is expected to be held at Tamukkam land where no construction is going on.
Company sources said the tourism department has yet to ask them for a suggestion for the exhibit, although a 10-acre site has been cleared. “However, the exhibition will be able to be held at the convention center when it is finished, as it will have all the facilities to host it,” they said.

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