Terre Haute Convention Center in Indiana will be open in the coming days


The city of Terre Haute will soon hold a grand opening celebration, two years after builders began construction of the $25 million Terre Haute Convention Center. Construction of the 43,000 square foot facility was nearing completion in March.

City and Vigo County Capital Improvement Board officials hope the new facility will act as a magnet for new businesses and visitors to the area. On Saturday, 30 businesses from the region will showcase their products and services at a trade show. The ballroom seats 500-600 for dinner, but many more for a theater-style setup. Wedding shows and conventions are among the events already scheduled at the center.

Look for construction leads

While the convention center is complete, one major feature is still under construction: the Larry Bird Museum.

Terre Haute Convention Center and Other Similar Projects to Breathe New Life into Indiana’s Downtowns

“We thought if we could do something like Bloomington or one of those other communities in Indiana that brought their downtowns back with little shops, people would come back downtown. Since we started working on this project downtown, a few small businesses have sprung up. We just hope that once this thing takes off, it really starts to blossom,” Vigo County Capital Improvement Board Chairman Jon Marvel said.

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“These organizations booked them several years in advance. We knew there would be no conferences on the first day the establishment opened. However, we already have a lot on the books,” he continued.

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