Tesla crashes into Columbus Convention Center at 70 mph


Security cameras captured the moment a Tesla Model 3 jumped a curb and flew over a flight of stairs before crashing into the convention center in Columbus, Ohio on May 4.

Images released this week by the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority show multiple angles of the accident.

The car, which belonged to a taxi company, can be seen hitting the curb and hurling itself over a security planter and a 15-foot gap in front of the building’s glass doors.

An interior shot shows how it hit a support column and flipped over before coming to rest in the hall. No one in the building was injured, but several people can be seen in the video coming out of a room to see what happened.

The driver was taken to hospital in a stable condition and told police he lost control of the brakes, WBNS reported. Model 3 has the highest crash test ratings of the two NHTSA and IIHS.

Witnesses said the car appeared to have sped up to make a yellow light in the block, according to a police report.


There was no mention of Tesla’s use of Autopilot or full self-driving features, and the NTSB decided not to open a formal investigation into the technologies’ involvement after reviewing the accident.


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