The Planning Commission recommends the rezoning of the circus hall


BRADENTON — At Thursday’s meeting, the Manatee Planning Commission voted to recommend approval for Cirque Italia to build a 52,000 square foot performance hall and a 20,000 square foot multipurpose structure at Oneco. The article will now be sent to the Manatee County Commission for a ballot.

The company, which produces the “Paranormal Cirque” show that has performed near the Bradenton Area Convention Center in Palmetto in recent years, also produces two “water circus” events. The company hopes to rezone just over 5.5 acres where the former Oneco Glass Company once operated at 1623 53rd Avenue East.

The events would take place in a 53-foot-tall circus tent, which would be taken down after each production. A two-story commercial building would be constructed where the glass company building currently stands and would house 20,000 square feet of office and commercial space, as well as eight multi-family residential units.

Scott Rudacille, the lawyer representing Cirque Italia, said there would be no more than 40 days of performance per year with no event lasting more than 20 days. Rudacille also said no alcohol would be sold and no animals were used in the company’s productions.

Some citizens have expressed concerns about traffic, noise and the somewhat mature themes of the company’s Paranormal Cirque production, which has an R rating and requires an adult to accompany any guest under 17. no one under 13 is admitted.

Commissioners voted 4-3 to recommend that the BOCC approve the application, with Commissioners Cindy Kebba, John De Lesline and Bill Conerly dissenting.


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