Ukraine prepares for additional grain storage facilities in case exports do not resume


Taras Vysotskyi, Ukraine’s first deputy minister for agrarian policy and food, said the country is preparing additional storage facilities to store leftover residues from last year and new crops in case exports fail. not through ports. Vysotskyi said there could be a shortfall of 10-15 million tonnes of storage capacity due to last year’s transitional balances and 2022 yield forecasts, Ukrinform reported. According to Taras Vysotskyi, mobile storage capacities are imported into Ukraine in case grain is not exported quickly.

“Given last year’s transitional balances and this year’s yield forecast, there could be a shortfall of 10 to 15 million tonnes. Therefore, now, as a plan B for grain storage, in case of impossibility of rapid export, drums and pipes of mobile elevators are imported to have in reserve potential equipment for the storage of these additional tons,” said Taras Vysotskyi in his address.

Ukraine’s First Deputy Minister stressed that Ukraine continues to work with the United Nations to allow the export of grain by sea. Taras Vysotskyi pointed out that grain exports need anti-ship weapons and a guarantee of military support and added that they continue to make efforts for this, according to the statement issued by the Ministry of Ministry of Ukraine. agrarian and food policy. Speaking about food prices in Ukraine, Taras Vysotskyi said that the prices of agricultural products “are an element of seasonality”. Taras Vysotskyi’s statement comes as Ukraine and the West have accused Russia of blocking grain exports from Ukraine. He made the remarks amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that has been going on for more than 100 days.

“The idea itself is important and necessary, without it we will not be able to realize our full export potential. And, of course, this requires several factors: there are enough anti-ship weapons and support military guaranteed. Therefore, work continues in this direction,” Taras Vysotskyi said in his address.

Biden announces plans to build temporary silos to export Ukrainian grain

For his part, US President Joe Biden announced on June 14 that he was working “in close collaboration” with European partners to export 20 million tonnes of cereals which remain blocked in Ukraine. Speaking at the AFL-CIO’s 29th Quadrennial Constitutional Convention, Biden pointed out that thousands of export-ready grains remain stuck in silos because they cannot export them through the Black Sea. Biden revealed that the United States was working to get grain out of Ukraine through other countries using railroads. He announced that they plan to set up “temporary silos” at the borders of Ukraine, including Poland. He pointed out that Ukraine has a rail gauge like Russia, which is different from the rail gauge in Europe.

“I am working closely with our European partners to bring 20 million tonnes of locked grain to market in Ukraine to help bring down food prices,” Biden said in his remarks.

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